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Dudoir by Peerless Portraiture

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where are you located?

A. My studio is in Harleysville, PA north of Philadelphia. I'm very close to I476.

Q. What is dudoir?

A. Dudoir is artful photography of men. It can be a bit risque, suggestively nude, or be completely nude. Dudoir is not porn. No one is getting a happy ending. You will be having a unique photographic experience that will show you in ways you probably did not think possible.

Q. Should I wait till I’m in better shape?

A. Celebrate who you are, today, right now. How many times have you said you are going to start or should start doing something only to have life get in the way?

Q. What if I’m a bad model? I’ve never modeled before.

A. That is fine. It is my job to coach you through the session. I’ll work with you to make you look awesome.

Q. Why do you shoot boudoir/dudoir?

A. First it is fun and I try very hard to make sure my clients are enjoying the session. We will laugh and kid and during the process will produce some incredible photos of you. I love it when a client is oh so pleasantly surprised with their photos.

Q. I am confused. What is the difference between boudoir and dudoir?

A. Typically boudoir refers to female and dudoir refers to male. My business is centered primarily on dudoir. I welcome boudoir clients but, I currently do not offer hair and makeup for a boudoir session.

Q. Do I have to be nude during a session?

A. No. Nudity is not required. How much or how little clothing you have on during a session is completely up to you. I will not pressure you either way. If you are agreeable then I will pose you more suggestively and with less or no clothing.

Q. Can I have someone with me for moral support?

A. Yes you can, but I do not recommend having a guest present during the session. I do understand, I will work with you. However, your guest may not interfere in any way nor may they take any pictures, make video or audio recordings. Your guest is welcome to make positive encouraging remarks only. If a guest interferes in any way they will be required to leave the studio area and will not be allowed to return.

Q. Do you shoot couple sessions?

A. Yes, I do. A couples’ session while challenging can provide you with an experience you will not soon forget. And yes, I shoot opposite and same sex couples. Again I do not provide hair or makeup.

Q. Do you provide any props?

A. Sorry I do not. You should bring wardrobe changes with you. I have a backdrop area, a couch area, and a bedroom area.

Q. What should I wear?

A. That really depends on you and how far you willing to go. I usually suggest two outfits. Lounge wear/sweatpants, lingerie, beach wear, speedos, dress shirts/slacks, underwear, or jeans. If you are into leather, you should bring any gear you want to be photographed wearing. If this is going to be a “drag” session, I will need to know in advance so I can allocate time for you to prepare.

Q. So what really happens during a boudoir/dudoir session?

A. That really depends on the client(s). Typically, we will chat for a few minutes. I want you to be relaxed and at ease. We’ll start with some standing poses. Depending on your comfort level, items of clothing will be loosened or removed. I will periodically show you images on the back of my camera. You will be amazed.

Q. What is the process?

A. A booking usually begins with a referral, or an email if you found me through the web or an ad. Some people want an in person consult before booking. Others will book over the phone and pay their retainer the same day. For those who want a consultation, we will schedule that. Once the booking is secured and the retainer paid, I will send you an email confirming the date and time. The day before the shoot I’ll send you another email reminding you. On the day of the shoot, we’ll take care of outstanding session fee if any and move on to the shoot. Depending on the length of the shoot, I can take upwards of 500 photos. You won't see all of them, because any that I deem to be artistically or technically unacceptable will be deleted. Usually within 2 days of the shoot I will send you a link to a private image gallery of rough edits. You will have 7 days to choose the images you want via email or you can call me. If you chose wall art, prints or a photo book you will make your selections then as well. I will make final edits and upload the final images, ususally in 2 to 3 days. I will order wall art or photo books if you chose one of those options. Wall art and photo books usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Prints, wall art and photo books must be picked up at the studio. The online gallery of finished images remains for approximately 30 days. Extenuating circumstances will always be taken into consideration.

Q. Do you do location shoots?

A. Yes, but clients are responsible for booking locations if necessary, paying any associated fees or permits, and will be responsible for all related travel expenses. Of course if you want me to go to Hawaii for a shoot I'll probably agree. Just remember you will be paying all the expenses.

Q. Will you do a shoot in my home?

A. Maybe. Depends on how far away and how photogenic your home is. Lighting is a huge factor and I will require a pre shoot walk through and identification of areas to shoot in. I will probably be bringing additional lighting. I use flash and sometimes constant studio lights. I do charge extra for an location sessions. Typically, the session fee is doubled.

Q. Who owns the copyright?

A. I do and will rarely sell. With that said, once you download your digitals you can do pretty much whatever you want with them except sell them or use them for any commercial purpose. Exceptions can be made but must be agreed to in advance. Repost them online if you like, print them, share them, whatever you want. I share certain images online. You will know and agree to which if any images I share. Privacy is very important to me and I will respect your's.

Q. So what does a shoot cost?

A. Probably less than you think. Session fees start at $175 for 15 fully edited photographs. Linen photo books start at $125. I will provide you digital copies of all the images I take but only the session specific number of images will be fully edited. Minor cropping, exposure corrections is performed on all images. Any images I consider artistically or technically dificient will not be delivered and will be deleted. If I choose to edit an image as black and white, you will receive both color, and black and white versions. The black and white version are not included in image count. A $100 non-refundable retainer is taken to reserve your booking. Balance of session fee is due on date of the session. Photo books, prints, and wall art must be paid for in full to order. All prices subject to change without notice. I use Stripe Links for all payments.


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